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Online Video

pexels-photo-29737Studies show that users of websites engage more with web video content than written content, and they often pay more attention to it and as a result understand it more. Like you only 20% of web visitors read the entire content on a website, yet 80% will sit and watch the same content when presented in moving pictures.

To add to this, placing a marketing video on your website helps to convert up to six times more visitors to customers and users of your site, and it is estimated that within the next couple of years, web videos will account for 90% of all web traffic!

As customers prefer one-on-one interaction with people and things that are visual to them, website videos are an excellent way of creating a personal and close connection with your clients and on-camera testimonials from previous client, for example, are an excellent way to install confidence in visitors to your site regarding your services.

Experts in web video production, Purple Film & Design provide cost effective, high quality, innovative and dynamic website video production for a range of sized businesses and to suit a variety of marketing budgets.